jueves, mayo 25, 2006

Cuba en la Fiesta del Disco

Cubadisco 2006

De todo cuanto se produce en materia de la discografía se dice, se escribe y se escucha por esta página: http://www.cubadisco.icm.cu/ y más . . .

Muchas veces criticamos o no estamos de acuerdo a la hora de recibir el fallo de un jurado sobre una determinada obra, pero con este disco del maestro Chucho Valdés creo que todos estamos rotundamente felices. Este fonograma se alzó también (junto a Goza Pepillo, de Interactivo) con el Gran Premio Cubadisco 2006, y a todas luces se veía venir.

. . . . . . . . . Upf, en Inglés:

Antecedents of the Cubadisco Fair: Around 1964 the existent Record Labels in Cuba, came together under the name of Recordings and Musical Editions Enterprise (EGREM), which maintained during almost 25 years the domination over the phonographic production of the country and the organization of 16 editions of the EGREM Prize, which was received by remarkable Cuban musicians approaching all musical genres. At the end of the 80s, other Recording Labels were formed, such as ARTEX S.A, RTV Comercial and the studios P.M Record of Pablo Milanés and Ojalá of Silvio Rodríguez, also three foreing Record Labels were stablished: Art Color, Caribe Productions and Magic Music.

The Cuban musical industry actions had grown and the creation of a space for the interchange among the musical industry producers and executives was an urgent necessity, it was also indispensable the organization of a more universal event capable to establish a balance among the whole, national and international Records Labels, arriving to 6 around 1997.

So, in 1997, the first Internacional Fair Cubadisco saw the light with the Award, conferred also for the first time, to the companies approaching different competitive categories. The Phonograph of Ebony was placed as the maximum symbol of the event.

Since 1998 to the current times, more than 25 categories running from all musical genres have been summoned.

The awarding committee is integrated by highlight professionals such as musicians, musicologists, critics, directors of musical radio and television programs, journalists and directors of specialty magazines.

The selection work is made with great rigor. In the first stage , the awarding Committee listen to each record to select those with possibilities to be nominated by categories.

In the second stage, the juries for categories integrated also by outstanding professionals are formed. These will be in charge of the selection of the awards in each category and with this selection, the awarding committee confers the Great Award and if it is necessary, Special Prizes to persons and institutions having a remarkable labor within the musical world and especially related to the phonogram.

In 2001, The Honour Award was established and it is conferred to Cuban or foreing personalities having an exceptional trajectory in the contribution to the musical creation and promotion with great cultural and social significance.

. . . . . . . . .

Del Cubadisco 2005 se dijo en la bienvenida . . .

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